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About  Us  

    We have dedicated our lives to the care of our animal friends.  We treat them as family, just as you do.  That's why we go the extra mile.  We take pride in serving our clients; allowing them to enjoy vacations or work efficiently on business trips without worrying about their homes or their pets.  

   By delivering the best possible pet care, we ensure that our clients can travel worry free.

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Who We Are  

    Our names are Chris and Candace Buckley.  We are both college educated professionals with a broad and diverse background working with animals.  

    Chris has five years experience as a veterinary technician, and was also a policeman in the US Army.  He will ensure the health and safety of both your pet and home.

    Candace has several years experience with behavior modification and animal placement with PAWS.  She has also participated in pet therapy.    She will help ensure that your pet will remain happy and stress free while you are away.

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What We Do:  

    While you are away, we will come to your house and care for your pets according their normal routine and schedule.  We will walk, feed, love, and play with your pet.  If medications are needed, we will administer them, in most instances, free of charge.  We promise to go out of our way to ensure the happiness of your pet during your absence.

    We also offer courtesies such as collecting your mail, packages, and newspapers, and rotating the indoor lights.  This adds to the safety of your home by giving it that "lived-in" look.  We will water gardens as well as indoor plants keeping them happy and hydrated.  We can also arrange for check in calls or e-mail updates from time to time keeping you informed of your pet.  During longer trips we offer grocery shopping (for an additional fee).

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