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A Dog's New Year's Resolution
10.  I will not stare blankly at the walls causing my owner to think someone or something is there.

9.  I will remember weekends human sleep in and do not want to be woken up at 5:30 AM.

8.  I will not drink out of the toilet and dribble water all over it.

7.  I will not eat "treats" out of the kitty litter box.

6.  I will remember not to steal scraps from the garbage and end up getting sick all over the new light colored rug.

5.  I will try to remember not to tackle my owner while he is getting my food.  I CAN wait until it gets to the bowl.  I also can chew my food and do not have to eat it in one gulp.

4.  I will not bury my owner's car keys, wallet, or cell phone.

3.  I am NOT responsible for giving the baby a bath.  The humans prefer  to use water.

2.  I will not hide my toys in the owner's plants.  I will also not water their plants for them.  Plants are allowed inside.

1.  I will try to remember to read this list every 4 minutes because I have such a short attention span.
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