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A Cat's New Year's Resolution
10.  I will not use the owner's plant as my litter box or dental floss.

9.  I will not sleep on my owner's head.

8.  I will not try to run out the door every time it opens.

7.  I will not hide from my owner for hours at a time.

6.  I will not use the couch to give my claws a manicure.  Instead, I will use the weird looking rope tree.

5.  I will not bring my owner decapitated presents.  For some reason they are ungrateful.

4.  I will not use the curtains as a slide.

3.  I will not overdose on catnip and then fly around the house bouncing off the wall.

2.  I will not sneak up on and pounce on my owner's head while they are watching TV.

1.  I will not climb trees and then refuse to climb down despite how much fun it is to see my owner attempt to climb up after me.

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