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Download Instructions
   Read these instructions and take heed.  Please be careful not to delete any important files on your computer.  Pet Pals is not responsible for your computer. Remember to always scan your internet downloads.
  The letters at the end of the anicursors denote the placement in the mouse properties list (1-14 = a-n).  I have also given some of my Set Packs additional cursors (animated and static) to help adjust some sets because the schemes are fun but a few are too busy.  This helps to set them up and keep them together in listings. It is easiest to place these anicursors in a file that you don't use, so that you won't have problems associating or deleting them (I found this out the hard way ).
    To access:
Click on the   NORMAL POINTER, then click   BROWSE.
Now select the new file for the set pack. Double click the "a" cursor,this will set the first one. Double click the next setting in the box (help), this should take you back to the same file and double click the "b" cursor, etc...

    This is the cursor list
        f-text select
        k-upper left to lower right diagonal
        l-lower left to upper right diagonal
        n-alternate select